Coda for the spirit on earth

taken from I, FOR LACK OF A BETTER TERM: a soul's soliloquy,  from early writings by Jack Haas: this is a rare, online book

page 19




It's the end of time, Spirit, where are you going to run? Me, I'm not leaving. I'm staying. And I'm staying as ...ME.

Yea, in the final quittance of all my guise, I went under. Eternal and there I remain.

I sank from identity into the sublime; from impression I turned into expression, and from the flesh I returned to the Word.

Now I am nobody. Now I know nothing.

Which is to say- Eye am no body, Eye know no 'thing'.

Now I am everywhere, and I am always.

Like a gimbled spirit in the hardened happening, I do not move while moving in the movement.

In the Unknowable Void of our eternal, magical beings- I AM.

I am what is. I the Creator. I the Sustainer. I the Destroyer. I the Cause. I the Effect. I the Beginning. I the End. I the Dreamer. I the Dream. I the Immaculate. I the Delusion. I the Purity. I the Filth. I the Word. I the Flesh. I the Revelation.

I, of the manifest. I, of the unmanifest. I, of the change and unchanging. I, of the abstract and contextual. I, of the feeling and indifference. I, of the player and witness. I of the earth. I of the sky. I of the You. I of the I. I of the Eye. Eye of the I.

I, divested from the thought structures of mankind, enterred into the pristine bridal chamber where naked beingness and naked non-beingness dis-recognized their differences and unified into One.

Eye am the all and the everything. I am life. The seen, and the scene. All of it. The whole damned, marvelous mess. All of it. And we are the same being. There is no division. None.

Find me. Hold me. Release me.


There is no Way, there is no distance, no movement, no arrival, departure, longing, or fulfillment. Nothing need be done here; nothing to save, alter, deny, invent, desire, or understand. Nothing to seek, nothing to abandon. In the inevitable communion of our approaching new innocence, we shall reap not, and neither shall we sow.

There is no self but self. One being, we are all One being.

When you say I, I am that I you are. We are the eternal moment of the Creator creating.

You are I, and I am you, and the belief in a division is a tortured place called Hell.

Only you and the world complete me, for truly I tell you- I did not know myself until I let myself be you. It all comes down to that- I am you, and you are me.

As the lighthouse which you sailed past on your way out to sea, eternally Eye remain to guide you back home.

You're in my arms now, and I'm not letting go.

You will never be alone again. Never.


How many times has my heart wrestled wildly to escape its coarse confines and meet you in the distance. Many times, and always.

How distant and yet how near we are now.

To be now. How distant. How near.

Here, where we find surcease in the causelessness of our keep, and the images no longer control us; here we bask before the lost and changing glory of it all.


Breath in and be emptied. Exhale and be filled. Swim in the sameness between us.

Weep and I shall suffer, laugh and I shall smile.

Sing out, and I will hear you.

Reach out and I will feel you.

Look out, and Eye will see.


            I am at Home because I AM Home.

            Come Home.


Oh, Spirit in the manifest, ether in the stone,

I am the Life in all things.

And I am laughing.


Find me. Hold me. Complete me.






Early writings by Jack Haas: a rare, online book.










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