The true nature of the Great Love

taken from I, FOR LACK OF A BETTER TERM: a soul's soliloquy,  from early writings by Jack Haas: this is a rare, online book

page 15


Find your true nature, and the world will fall through you, back into the Great Love. Then into everyone's eyes in which you look, you will see only your own.

Oh,  when you bear true-witness- when you witness truth- it's as if you don't even exist, for in that holy unbias, the untrue you will not be God will look through you onto what god has made and ...even god will not understand it.

Then it is that you shall unknow in the midst of knowing, and know in the midst of the unknown. You will be nobody, and everybody, and your finitude shall be infinite.

For if the 'I' is not just your I, but is in fact every I, and that I is your eye, but not your I, then and there it is that god looks through you onto the earth, and you are both god and not-god, eye and not-eye, I and not-I. It's all so bloody strange. Very, very strange.

It is the same for me as it is for you- I am nothing, and eye am everything. Thus it is the outlandish paradox- that we are not ourselves but ...we are each other.

And in that holy, common, non-existent space between our two unseparate worlds we shall dwell without dwelling, rest without stopping, and move without going on.

The further you look, the more you see, until you cease to be a player, and become the cosmic Play. When you become everything you are no longer trapped in the world, you are the world; yea indeed you must dance in both realms, or you shall dance in none. As you liberate yourself, you liberate everyone, for you are everyone. How could it be otherwise?

Thus- and here is where the misery falls right into your lap- for there to be love on this loveless earth, YOU must be love. How could it be any other way? Everything is your relationship to life, to yourself, to god; the Way, is the way things are. Can you not see the manifest waking up to greet you? You- a ship in the sea of relation.

When you rise up from the profane, through the mythological, to the divine- from the linear contextual, to the symbolic contextual, to the acontextual- you will gather and disperse your fragments in a wholly unpredictable way, and you will contract and expand until your nothingness becomes the all.


What happened to me is that I simply entered into that space where I did not matter to myself anymore. Only reality mattered; I was merely a conduit to it's arrival. A vacancy for the real.

Now wherever I go, and whatever I do, if I go there and do it completely, I am the same as the nameless, free thing.

Nothing is a struggle if I give myself away totally, in every move, to everything; it's the sacrifice of attention, directed to the other, that brings the cosmic marriage nearer.

What goes in is what comes out- 'I' is the meeting point. I am neither inside nor out, but am the spaceless infinity between them; neither ego nor other, and yet both.

Thus there is no division; neither inside nor out exists when they exist as One; duality unseparates itself, and incompleteness reconciles the opposites into completeness, because whether IT comes out of you, or goes in, you are still included. You are none of it, and you are all of it (tangle with that truth a while, hero).

Yea, in the gap between the receiver of what goes in, and the producer of what goes out lies the infinite nothingness in which ...I AM.






Early writings by Jack Haas: a rare, online book.










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