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Iconoclast Press is the publisher of  books by Jack Haas, the first author in history to release three five-star books in a single year.



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autobiography wilderness Canada book

IN AND OF: memoirs of a mystic journey

by Jack Haas, ISBN 0973100710

$16.00 paperback, $6.00 ebook


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spiritual book, travel, bearded hairy man in Hawaii

ROOTS AND WINGS: adventures of a spirit on earth        

by Jack Haas, ISBN 0973100745

$16.00 paperback, $6.00 ebook


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travel India book

OM, BABY! a pilgrimage to the eternal self

by Jack Haas, ISBN 0973467711

$16.00 paperback, $6.00 ebook


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spirituality and religion book

TRANSFIGURATION: the union of spirit and flesh

by Jack Haas, ISBN 0973467738

$39.00 paperback, $15.00 ebook





Comparative Religion/Mysticism


world religion book

THE WAY OF WONDER: a return to the mystery of ourselves 

by Jack Haas, ISBN 0973100702

$18.00 paperback, $6.00 ebook


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poetry book

THE DREAM OF BEING: aphorisms, ideograms, and aislings

by Jack Haas, ISBN 0973100753

$14.00 paperback, $6.00 ebook


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Visionary Art


Visionary digital art, painting, mandala, Art is AlchemyART IS ALCHEMY: express yourself to become yourself

by Jack Haas

8.5" 11"  large-format full colour book: $19.95










To download computer wallpaper of Jack's digital art, go to: www.celestial-art.net/

Watch COSMOSIS, the video of Jack's digital art, accompanied by devi prayer, by Craig Pruess

Watch ZENERGY, the video of Jack's visionary art, accompanied by crystal singing bowls.



notebooks, read online



On this site you will also find unpublished writings, art, and photography by Jack Haas.

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In a single year the three books below each received a five-star review by the world leader in small-press book reviews, the Midwest Book Review. Read these and more reviews below.





"In, and Of: memoirs of a mystic journey is an enthralling, true-life account of Jack Haas' personal travels through the wilderness of coastal British Columbia. His excursions embraced both the natural splendor that surrounded him, and a continuing quest to better understand the workings of the self.  ...In, and Of is very strongly recommended reading..."

Midwest Book Review (five stars: reviewer's choice)


"...an embarrassment of riches... one of the best books I've ever read. ...You've got to read this book."

George Fisk (Cosmic Concepts Press publisher)


"This is a poetic and stunning piece of work that will leave you inspired to contemplate your own existence in this world.  ...a great inspiration for those looking to make life-altering changes ...shows you that there is a bigger world out there then we give credit for, and asks you to make the most of it. ...Jack Haas has quite a tale to tell."

Nancy Jackson (Dog-Eared Book Reviews)


"...lucid...and uncompromising. A truly wonder full book, celebrating the eternal way spirit creates community. Read in awe."

Benjamin Tucker (author of Roadeye, and Of)


"...one man's journey toward self-understanding, of trying to find one's place not only in his small portion of the world, but in the universe as well. Haas has penned an intensely personal journal... His writing style snares the reader into this journey he has taken until one can literally feel the damp fog and the harshness of the street beneath his back. His ideas are will written, helping the reader to visualize his points as they accompany him along the road taken for the ten long years he spent searching for that ever-elusive 'mystery of life'."

Denise M. Clark (Denise's Pieces Book Reviews)


"...the voice crying out in the wilderness, bravely, madly, tenderly, ironically. ...the very thickness, wit and wonder of it, tumbling page over page exposing the wretchedness, the rapture ...bewilderment, confusion, redemption and realization so densely, so wondrously well. The sense of vertigo, of pain, of tearful joy bowls me over ...the phantasmagoric, whirling vortex of meaning/understanding/spirit-surging, thought whirling, abstract-into manifest realization and also, at the other end of the scale, such witty economical evocations of quirky characters; and lush description of place. ...penetrating characterizations that always left me wanting to hear more more more about the words exchanged, the scene, the texture of the encounter."

 Jonathon Kerslake (Editor of Lived Experience)


"... Few like Jack Haas go the whole hog. ...imminently readable... " 

Nandakumar Nayar (BookReviewClub.com)





"...written out of reverence for the beauty in all life. ...an articulate and insightful analysis of comparative religion presented with an overtone of wonder and joy of the greatness of existence itself. ...especially recommended reading for students of comparative religion and personal spirituality."

The Midwest Book Review (five stars: reviewer's choice)


"...a most unusual, and powerful book."

George Fisk (author of A New Sense of Destiny)


"Wow! Beautifully constructed and useful book. What a glorious, uplifting, inspiring affirmation it is!"

Jonathon Kerslake (editor of Lived Experience)


"Heavily quoted and annotated, this book by author Haas is a thorough and well-researched work that sincerely attempts not only to teach, but also to encourage others to 'stop and smell the roses'. ...he certainly provides plenty of food for thought."

Denise M.Clark (Denise's Pieces Book Reviews)


"This book really impressed me. The author manages to juxtapose quotations from Jack Kerouac, Yoda, Winnie-the-Pooh, Lao Tzu, and God (via Neale Donald Walsh) in total support of his own train of thought. That takes intellect! ...He has achieved his goal of creating an aura of awe, wonder, and mystery in the mundane activities of daily living. ...a most stimulating read."

Alicia Karen Elkins (Gotta Write Network Reviews)


""The Way of Wonder" inspires us to rediscover the mystery of ourselves.  Jack Haas delivers a wonderful message with thorough research.  There are quotations about the positiveness of 'wondering' from people who have traveled all walks of life.  I would recommend "The Way of Wonder" to anyone searching for the answers to a 'wonder-ful' life."

Judine Slaughter (Express Yourself Books)


"Recommended book of the week." ofspirit.com





"The Dream Of Being: Aphorisms, Ideograms, And Aislings by Jack Haas is a unique and unusual book of poetic paragraphs, enhanced with black-and-white illustrations of freestyle art, and embracing personal transformation as well as an esoteric evolution. The single (or few-paragraph) vignettes are not in a verse format, yet the rambling sentences evoke images and emotions similar to brief poems. The Dream Of Being is a very different type of inspirational work and highly recommended as an example of the art of poetry -- and the poetry of art. "Dreams end. What ends is a dream."

Midwest Book Review (five stars: reviewer's choice)




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Books on spirituality, mysticism, adventure travel, sacred sexuality, inner transformation, alchemy, shamanism, metaphysical poetry, comparative religion, Goddess worship, and fine art nude photography. archive Iconoclast Press is a book and web publisher, offering spiritual books that expand the dimensions of our conscious reality.  links

Inspiring books, visionary digital art, and fine art nude photography





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