Love life, flesh is now holy ground

taken from ANARCHY OF SPIRIT: an epistle for ridiculous times,  from early writings by Jack Haas: this is a rare, online book

page 27


Yea, we have not come to die, but to live, to be born into Life. So we must only die from this death, while yet we are living, then alone shall we live and not die.

It is only because we are at first born into death that we must be resurrected to life, and then we must live in that life inside death. There is no death to die, there is only birth to be born. Time it is for us to live again and die no more; to live in this House of Life, though it looks out onto the City of Death.

            Anti-life creeps into Life- creeps in and denies life, doubts life, fears life, strangles and rigidifies life. Anti-life damns the flow; it is the damned who fall from the free-flow of life into the inert stasis of Death, which kills Life with fear, and doubt, and shame, and pain.

            Kill Death I say. Kill Death by living Life. Kill Death within you. Kill your Death with your Life.

            Love Life, live Life, kill Death, and you shall never die.

Live on, you, who are life. Live on.

Flesh is now holy ground.


It's all about disentangling the self from its fetters, about returning to your true nature, to the Source, to god, and then how to get others there. God is not dead, merely buried alive. What a mess. Things are different now than they were; it is not up to god to save us, it is up to us to save god; to awaken our Divinity from its profane slumber.

You see, we are in the flesh so as to redeem the flesh- to absorb pain back into the Great Love. And we must remain in the grave called this world until the death it has died knows that we cared, and by this it comes back to life.

We are here to be in the flesh completely, to exalt life, not hide from it. If we do not return willingly from the deep absence, who will?

We were sent from the light, so we must needs pour ourselves. If we do not, stretched across those anguished distances, bridge the untellable into the told, who will?

Ah, to redeem another without incurring trespass; to witness non-division with humility; to meet them in the dark of their own separate hell; to die and let them be born within you, each and every one; to live and to die as them, that they might live, and to know this is not sacrifice; to stand amongst them in your emptiness; to receive their truth, and reflect back their lie; to look them in the eyes without yourself, so that their God within can awaken and spill forth everywhere.

The tempest and the calm will continue to dance passionately on the membrane of the mean. Nothing but beasts and ghosts running about this purgatorial land. Stand your ground in the manifest, and forge on defiantly. We are only tragically manifest in the furthest, hardened reaches of the light.

Through the pathlessness and mayhem, everything will lead you back to yourself, if only you are willing to follow.

We are siblings in the Light. Never doubt that.

Believe in the living spirit, not in the lies of men.

Call the Father down, raise the Mother up.

We must learn again to speak with God. We must learn again to listen.

It is the bricks which build the castle, not the castle which builds the bricks.

And we ...we are but cracks in the sidewalk, making the Way divided ...and complete.






Early writings by Jack Haas: a rare, online book.










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