Body, spirit, heart, and mind

taken from ANARCHY OF SPIRIT: an epistle for ridiculous times,  from early writings by Jack Haas: this is a rare, online book

page 20


It's all about what you've got inside yourself- what hunger, and longing, and rage built up from centuries of agony and separation- what impossible passion you have to drive you through the wall of false understandings, irrelevant lives, useless facts, rules, and fears, all of which the world wields mercilessly against you from day one.

In the absence of love, truth, and help you must rise up every morning out of the ashes you became in the lonely night before. You must rise up like a ghost from the death of unlove, into the impoverished world of men, and forge on another yard, or foot, or inch, whatever you've got left in you. But you must, for your own sake and no other's. When the spirit has departed and the flesh remains intact, that is when the true work begins.

You've got to find it yourself. No one will give it to you. No man, no woman, no saint or god. They don't have it. You've got to find it yourself, in yourself, because IT is you. The power and love of all creation. You alone shall redeem or bring destruction to mankind. You alone.

There is no god nor devil but in ourselves. We are the ones responsible. We are the ones who have sown sorrow upon this earth. And we are the ones who shall change or reap it.

With the force that you judge you shall be judged, with the force that you seek you shall be found, with the power that you hate you shall be hated, and with the strength that you love you shall be loved.

If you toss about in your head long enough you'll forget why you came here. You came to be you. All of you. Body, spirit, heart, and mind. Without any one of these the whole collapses.

We all start at the centre, and we either explode or fizzle out. If we think or care too much we are finished.

If only it were different. But it ain't. It's all up to you, my friend. Rise up then, onward, into the darkness!


Like I said, the first step, in leaving hell- in returning to paradise- is simply the wish to go back. In fact that is really the only step, for, given one's intention- which must be pure and committed in order to even consider such an undertaking- everything else which follows is merely protocol- a 'putting on of one's finest' so to speak, as preparations one would gladly undertake to attend the royal ball. In fact the invitations have already been sent out. The King and Queen shall both be there. And the theme of this year's party is 'Come As You Are.' Cocktails served before dinner. Dancing and music will go until dawn. Come as you are.






Early writings by Jack Haas: a rare, online book.










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