Go wild and you will live forever

taken from ANARCHY OF SPIRIT: an epistle for ridiculous times,  from early writings by Jack Haas: this is a rare, online book

page 13


Go wild then in the early afternoon amongst those who would seek to contain you.

Do not tame your wonderful wildness, let your wildness untame you. Dance in the cosmic song with the rapture of the lilies.

In the anemic ignorance of their tortured smiles others will cast paltry horrors onto your tenuous life. They will caress and adore you and then grin as you swallow the lie.

Be not seduced. Give them nothing to bind, and they cannot bind you.

Look here then, spirit- stare passionately into it now, or close your eyes forever. You are the lone taxpayer, in a land of ruthless, profligate kings. Pleasure is the mask of pain in this loveless hell.

Comfort and monotony will put you to sleep. The world will make you to turn away from beauty, and you will turn. Petty pursuits will unfill your infinite hollow. You will call it happiness when events conspire to distract you from the anguish of not knowing yourself. Image will kill imagination, sight will blot the sky, thought will bind the heart, and you will live not laughing, and die without shedding tears.

Yet, eclipsed beyond those crippling rays, you can bring to the night the light of day, and midnight will be the noon hour, and Luna will be Sol for a day.

To fly free from the inertia will take everything you have. The degradations shall not end until you end. In a secret rapture to shame the gods you will walk life's empty streets as the loneliest person alive. Lost and hungry you will fall in a cold rain weeping. The vultures of spirit will pick you clean of meat. Innocently you will come, defeated you will go. You will exist without knowledge or gleam. You will be gentle and mad. The world will crush you completely. And you will live forever.






Early writings by Jack Haas: a rare, online book.










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